What does it take to create change in our lives?

Going beyond your comfort zone to find magic

What does it take to create change in our lives?

December 07th, 2019

What does it take to create change in our lives?

We all know by now, “Beyond the comfort zone, thats where the magic happens. And we struggle to get there sometimes. We know that to get there we need to take risks, do something different, face your fears.

All of that.

But, how do we do it? Where do we start? 

The best place to start is by acknowledging where you are functioning from.

Its about becoming aware of what you are choosing and being.

Without knowing where you are, you cannot move to a different place.

By getting clear and honest about where you are functioning from, what your choices create and how you choose to act and react in life in general, you start the process of transformation. From there, you shift your mindset in order to create something that works for you. 

The transformation begins. The change is set in motion just by the acknowledgment.

Sounds easy, right? Ok, we’re not done. But that IS a huge piece.

Sometimes, the simple act of acknowledging will shift and change things. Sometimes, a little extra help is needed.

What is the next step then?

This is going to sound pretty simple, again. But it’s CHOICE.

Choice is the greatest catalyst for change that you will ever have in your toolbox.

How many times have you tried to “figure something out” rather than just choosing?

How much time does it take to figure things out? And have you ever gotten to the end of that task?

Choice is so much quicker and easier!

Any choice you make will set in motion the wheel of possibilities. You choose, more possibilities show up. Then you choose again, and you take it step by step.

As opposed to sitting and trying to figure out what you should do before you do it, you are already setting in motion the energies that will help you create what you are looking to create.

Don’t worry so much about making the wrong choice. This will paralyze you into not choosing. Choosing is an action. Not choosing is not living. Waiting for that perfect choice will keep you in the land of the non-living.

Just choose.

You can always choose again.

Imagine who you could be beyond the you you think you are? Beyond all those judgments, limitations and definitions youve bought into? 

Are you ready for change, transformation, magic and creation?

The first step is choosing. Then, the Universe conspires to make it happen! 

And what if this is just the beginning?