The Foundation Class

It’s about becoming aware of what we are choosing and being.

The Foundation Class

December 07th, 2019

The Foundation Class

What does it take to get beyond the comfort zone? 

We all know by now, thats where the magic happens. And to get there, you need to take risks, do something different, face your fears, all of that. But, how do we do it? Where do we start? 

The foundation class offers a set of highly effective tools to change and create just about anything youd like to in a much easier way. 

Its about becoming aware of what we are choosing and being. If you want to change something, you need to be aware of where you are functioning from. From there, you shift your mindset in order to create something that works for you. The tools and processes offered in this class will help you do just that with more ease. 

Who are you beyond all those judgments, limitations and definitions youve bought into? 

Would you like to find out? 

This class is about allowing you to:  

When you start to tap into the energy in motion, you can change just about anything. Through this class journey you will also be given tools to acknowledge who you are beyond the current definition of you that you have. You may be surprised at what shows up! 

If youve been looking for something to completely change your life, come and join us for 4 days of change, transformation, creation and magic! 

The first step is choosing. Then, the Universe conspires to make it happen! 

What if this is just the beginning? 


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