Soul Stroll Session

In Person - Private Coaching Session


Soul Stroll sessions came from a desire to coach and mentor clients in a nurturing and creative way, while spending time in a different space than the office. Something away from the confines of the traditional coaching sessions.

This is meant to be a space that fosters peace, relaxation and creativity. I also find that being in other spaces allows us to receive contribution from other elements, and nature has quite a bit to contribute to our bodies, beings and spirits. We are, after all, a part of it.

Together, we will create a supportive space where you can tap into your inner wisdom and unlock your true potential.

If the weather turns, we can choose a space of our liking. It could be a sit at a coffee shop (with good coffee of course!), or maybe a stroll in a museum. Who knows what other fun possibility we can come up with!

We’ll just tap into our creative flow and allow the Universe to guide us. 

So, join me on this transformative journey and experience the profound connection between personal development and the healing power of nature. 

Discover new perspectives, find inner clarity, and embrace the joy of growth with Soul Stroll Sessions. 

To book one of these sessions, we must have worked together already. It will be on a request only basis.

To request this session or learn more about this unique coaching experience, reach out to me and tell me why you would like to us to stroll together.

Simply send me an email at


Details :

  • Special Introductory Price - 225