The Art of Possibility – Package

5 Session Coaching Package

Maybe you are a seeker and you know there is something different available, but you can’t quite see it. What if you could start to get some clarity around what you’d like to create?

What if you could lift the veil from the world of limitations and sail into a vast universe of possibility?

As humans, we have this great capacity for creativity. We are here to create with and engage in new possibilities. It is evident now more than ever that those who are aware of a different possibility need to step up and share their gifts, their knowing and lead the way. Whatever is going on now, is clearly no longer working. 

Are you ready? Are you ready to open up to more space, more creation, more possibility?

Whether you are swimming in the possibility lane already or just dipping your toe in, unsure of how you’ll even get to the deep end, let me assure you, the wave is there for everybody willing to surf it. 

The target for these sessions is to practice the Art of Possibility. We will focus on your energy and your desired outcome. 


Details of the package:

This package includes 5 (45 minute) private Zoom sessions where we will explore together what is holding you back so you can allow yourself to start seeing new pathways for your life and YOUR creations.

Once you’ve chosen the package, and paid through my website, I will send you a link to book your sessions. I suggest booking your zoom sessions one or two weeks apart. Not more than that, so that we can catch the wave and provide you with a real sense of forward movement.

You’ll also be getting 2 bonus sessions via Voxer. These are voice or text messaging sessions allowing you to ask questions in between the live sessions. You can book these as needed.

You’ll be receiving an information sheet shortly after you have purchased the package with additional information on Zoom, Voxer and how to prepare for our sessions so that you get the most out of them.

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