Soul Stroll Session

  • Special Introductory Price - 225

Have you done enough Zooms lately?

How about we switch it up a bit? 

A walk in the forest trails, or a park in the city. It just feels like a relaxing space where you can allow yourself to be.

Whether we walk through forests, meander along sandy beaches, or wander through captivating gardens, each session will be tailored to your individual needs, allowing for reflection, inspiration, and personal growth.

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Vision Quest Journey

  • 888

Although it may seem normal or routine at times…

 Your life is a grand adventure!

 And YOU are the creator of your life. You are the artist! You are the main character on the journey…

 And it is up to you to determine what kind of tale it will end up being 😊.

 So, to help you make the story of your life a beautiful journey, full of joy, abundance, triumph and success, you are invited on a Vision Quest Journey with me for 5 weeks to help you tap into your visions and get you going to bring them to life.

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Creation – Online Voxer Chat 60mins

  • 111

You don’t require a power session on Zoom, but you’d like to get some assistance on something you are creating.

This coaching format might be what you require.

Book a Voxer session. Try it out.

See if this format works for you.

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Expansion – Online Coaching 60mins

  • 188

Is there something you’re looking to shift and change?  

Let’s explore this together and get you moving forward.

Book your Zoom session and let’s create space for you to fly!


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Booster – Online Coaching 30mins

  • 133

You know where you’re going, but you’re kinda stuck?

You’d just like to clear the path to keep moving?

What if change could be quick?

Book a quick one.

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Let's meet up

Host an event/class

Are you interested in hosting a class or an event in your area?  

If so, let’s ask some questions and see what the possibilities are.


Let’s connect!