Are you listening to your body?

Having a relationship with your body

Are you listening to your body?

November 30th, 2019

Are you listening to your body?

Truly, how much have we learned about our bodies and what they require?  

We live in a world where we are very much in our heads, and dont pay much attention to our bodies. Sure, we work out, and we think about what we eat. To the point where we even obsess about it.

Through all this though, I wonder, how much we involve our bodies and their awareness of what they require? 

Are you asking your body what it would like to eat? How it would like to move? Or are you choosing based on what you think you shouldbe eating and how you shouldbe moving? 

Hint If youre using the word should, you probably arent asking your body? 😉 

Dont worry, its not your fault!

Most of us were never taught to commune with our bodies and receive their energies. Our bodies are incredibly aware and are magical communicators (pain anyone?!). We have not been taught to be present with these beauties. Weve mostly been taught to judge them and harp on how imperfect they are! 

There is another possibility.

What if, you began a journey of connection to your body?

What if you acknowledged that you have a body and you are intrinsically connected to it and it to you? Whatever you go through, your body also goes through.

As you start to experience the connection to your body, your being and your body suddenly start to integrate. You become more aware of what is going on in your body, and what it needs. Think of your body as your lover, your best friend, your pet. How are you treating them? Are you treating your body the same?

When you begin to nurture the relationship, the fighting ends. The judgments die down. There is more kindness, more gratitude and joy in life in general, because, well, your body is happy! Happy body, happy life! 🙂 

Your body is your vessel in this lifetime. How will you choose to be with it? 

A great way to start is to get acquainted with your body. Acknowledge that it’s here for you.

Try this. As you wake up in the morning, say hello to your body. Touch your face, your neck, your arms, your stomach, and keep going. Do this with presence and kindness. It’s not a to do.

Acknowledge the brilliance that is your body. You as a being, are energy. When you acknowledge your body in this way, you are accessing and activating different energies in your body. These energies facilitate change and transformation. These are free hands-on body processes! Bonus!

The energies you are activating, by simply being present with your body and your entire cellular system, work to unlock the limitations in your body, so that your body can start to heal and release dis-ease.

Then you start to find the joy and ease with your body that you really ought to have with it. You are one with your body after all!  

Is it time to end the separation of you and your body?