About Sophie

Hi, it’s Sophie! 

I’m thrilled that you’re here!

I have some things to share with you throughout this website, but most of all I want you to feel at home here. So, grab a tea, coffee or a glass of your favorite bubbly and come explore the possibilities with me! 

What I’m really here for is to provide guidance and inspiration for you to turn your anxiety and stuckness into presence and creativity so that you can shape your life into one that lights you up! 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a desire to make things better. I didn’t always have a grasp of what that meant. After years of seeking and testing with my own life and living, getting over depression and anxiety, I’ve started tapping into a capacity that I didn’t even know I had. That of having ease with change.  

Are you ready to step into more of you?

I’ve been testing a whole lot of lifestyles for the past 20 years! Oh, perhaps my whole life, but consciously, for the better part of a couple of decades. I’ve come to learn a few things… And I’d like to share some of my insights and tools so that I can contribute to your life.

Here’s the thing though. I don’t have a 10-step guide or a quick fix for you. I don’t have the answers actually, because that would be extra-ordinary of me to have the answers for YOUR life! I know we would all love for someone to just give us the answer we are looking for, right? But that is actually not what you want. It might be easier, but not so much fun in the end. We’ve all heard this by now, the thing that will give you the most propulsion to create the life that really makes you do summersaults, is not outside of you. You already have it. It’s there, and you probably don’t know it. Or, you do, but you don’t know what it is… yet!

What I do have to offer is facilitation, guidance, experience and so much heart-warming desire for you to bring your gift to the world and have joy in your life.

Seeing people who are lost, frustrated, depressed, anxious and would like something different, is a driver for me to do this work. I was one of those people. And for me, it was painful. So, I set out to change it, and I changed a lot of it. I’m also still on the journey. 

What is it that you know you can be and do, but are not doing, not being? 

Or are you completely lost to the idea of even doing something different? 

I took the long, bumpy road to where I am today. But it doesn’t have to be that long! 

Listen to my webinars, read my blog, come to my events or book a session with me to discover what you can do to start (or keep on!) creating a life that you love and that inspires you every day. 

(*hint – you don’t have to travel the world, have an Instagram full of beautiful pics, or be on stage to make it mean that you have an inspiring life. That’s not what I want to show you how to do. Unless that IS your jam. In which case, giddy up and let’s make that happen!) 

For me, a successful life, a life that brings you joy, is a life lived with a smile on your heart Whatever that means to you. And even better if it’s on your face too! 🙂  

It’s a life where you wake up every day and you get to create your day with vitality, joy and ease. 

So, welcome and hello, 


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If there is something that you are ready to change in any area of your life

and you get that a private session would be a contribution, let’s look at it! 


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