On Change

Change is movement of energy.

On Change

December 15th, 2019

On Change


Heres a definition: 

The process of causing a function, practice, or thing to become different somehow compared to what it is at present or what it was in the past. 

Some people avoid it.  

Some people thrive on it.  

Some people use it in small doses becausewell, only when its absolutely necessary. 

Whats the difference? 

Change is often seen as something that comes along when something is broken and we can no longer move forward the way it is.  

What if we dont have to wait for that? 

What if change is actually our very nature. 

Think about it. We are living beings. Living beings are (hopefully) moving. Our energy is in constant motion. We are perpetually in movement. Going from one way of being to a different way of being. So, it stands to reason that there is some sort of change happening, perhaps all the time, right? 

We are in, you could say, constant minute change. 

That said, why are we so insistent on remaining the same? 

What have we got to gain from not changing? What do we gain from resisting being what we actually are energy in motion? 

Im not sure what we gain, but Ive got an idea of what we lose. 

We lose the ability to create. 

Creation is motion. Creation is movement. Ideas are not stiff, solid things. They are movement of energy.  

If we resist change, we resist creation. If we resist creation, we resist living. 

Because living is the most creative endeavour you will ever get to do! 

Are you living creatively? Are you creating your living? 

Or are you just going from day to day, seeing to it that things you dont change? 

What would it be like if you recognized that change is our nature and allowed change to be, to occur? And if youre super adventurous one day, actually connect with the change and be with it constantly and allow yourself to create with it. 

That, my friend, is called following the energy. 

And that, my friend, is creating living at its best.