Don’t let heartbreak break you. If you do, let it break you open.

The strength in choosing vulnerability

Don’t let heartbreak break you. If you do, let it break you open.

September 23rd, 2021

Don’t let heartbreak break you. If you do, let it break you open.

A lot of us are going through some type of heartbreak these days. Whether it’s families breaking apart, relationships, friendships or just plain feeling rejected. 

There’s lots to be healed. 

Our hearts are breaking. And there is a silver lining in there somewhere.

On some level, the pain we feel is showing us where we are being vulnerable. Chances are if you are protecting yourself and holding those barriers up, your pain will be lessened. Your aliveness also.

To be vulnerable is to put yourself out there, to be exposed. Scary shit. And it has its perks. 

Vulnerability requires courage. It’s gotta be one of the hardest things. Hands down.

It’s a work in progress for me to be honest. I was never taught this.

I choose it when I know there is a possibility of something to be meaningful. A possibility of connection, of intimacy, of communion, of realness in a world where it can sometimes be difficult to be real in.

So you choose it.

Sometimes, it’s risky. You take the risk anyways. 

Because you know… you’ve been here before. Beyond that difficult choice to be real and raw, there is magic and you know it.

It can also feel like jumping into an empty space. There’s all kinds of possibilities in that empty space. Some will make you feel alive and some may feel like you got punched in the gut.

You don’t know ahead of time which one will show up. And perhaps you’ll get more than one, or all of them.

The punch in the gut looks like this. You’re putting yourself out there. You’re giving it a shot. You’re naked. Vulnerable. And then comes a blow. You get judged, or ridiculed, or ignored or you get rejected or dumped.

And it hurts.

This is when you kinda may want to retreat. I mean, clams do it. There must be something to it, right?

The thing is, in that shell, there’s just you. And then there’s no chance for connection, for realness. It’s ok for a minute, I mean, go ahead take a breather. Then get yourself back out there. And just be YOU. 

The more you choose this, the more you get to see how vulnerability will get you to outcreate yourself every day. It’s the challenge of all challenges — speaking for myself here I guess 🙂 

Vulnerability is the place you go to be real. To be intensely present. And it’s the place where you get to shine. Even if some people can’t see the shine.

There is that special feeling you get when you opt in to this space of vulnerability that is so empowering and so expansive that all possibilities of hurting become somewhat digestible. You don’t wish them, but you allow the possibility of greatness to occur instead of, or even alongside, the pain. Sometimes the gift is in the yuckiness.

I grant you this. The pain sucks.

I’m on the journey. And here is what I know.

If we can allow the energy of pain to move through, to surrender to it, something magical happens. The pain becomes a catalyst for an open heart. Your heart opens up, and you break open.

Acknowledge yourself through the pain. Be kind to yourself through the pain. Love yourself through the pain. It’s just an energy moving through.

Then, pick yourself up off the metaphorical floor and allow yourself to be vulnerable and do it again. 

Because it matters.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. And Be You.