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Transformational Coaching - Mentor for Creative Hearts

Sophie Belliveau

I’m a transformational coach and mentor for creative hearts dedicated to guiding and empowering people to consciously create a life authentic to themselves that truly matches their inner-most desires. 

Welcome to our Universe! 

Here, you’ll find questions, inspirations, possibilities and projects that will, I hope, create a sense of movement for you and inspire you to create your life as though you’re the artist of it. Because well, you ARE! 

What if life is a canvas? What will you do with yours? 

What if you woke up every day and looked forward to creating it?  

If this piques your interest, come and explore.  

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You are here to turn thoughts into things. Prioritize your creative flow. Creative spirit flows through you. You ARE the Artist!


Thank you so much Sophie! This class has contributed so much to my growth, and I am so grateful. You are really wonderful in the way you present, say and do things. It’s such a pleasure to participate in your classes. I feel empowered, nurtured and calm all at the same time. AND excited about the future! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Martine G.

A big thank you for this wonderful day. It brought me so much peace and expansion. This is what your presence generates! Thank you for being the space that allows us to always be open to more possibilities!

Patricia G.

Thank you for the MAGIC Sophie! I’m still feeling the effects of the class and am feeling blissed out!

Carole H.

I’m just listening to the replay of the webinar on Choice and just wowww!! I wanted to thank you for this!

Stephanie T.

After sessions with Sophie I am having delicious sensory experiences with grace and ease. I feel a sense of calmness and awakening at the same time. I ask what else is possible and love what presents. It feels like MAGIC. I leave Sophie’s revitalized and reenergized filled with grace and inspiration.

Angelina A.

My coaching journey with Sophie was transformational. She helped me clarify my vision and actually realize that I am more capable than I had given myself credit for. I have not only clarified and created a vision for my life, but I have accomplished some of my goals in the short period of time I was working with Sophie. Her kindness and generosity in coaching are just what I needed. She opens up a space of joy and calmness that allowed me to fully step into my best self! Thank you Sophie.

Nathalie C.

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